Laura M. Nicholls

Writer, Virtual Assistant, Mother, Athlete



As a formerly licensened Marriage and Family Therapist, I worked with teens and their families in various treatment settings for 14 years. It was through this work that I developed my love and respect for horses and came to understand their profound power for affecting change and healing. I also became certified in Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy, and currently live among and care for horses daily.

In my work as a clinician I was also able to put my writing skills to use doing a great deal of documenting, research, and reporting, and was responsible for auditing and editing the writing of my fellow therapists and counseling staff. While my favorite part of this work was the daily “hands on” time with the kids I served, I valued the opportunity to advocate and ensure services for them through the written word as well.

I have owned and run a brick and mortar business (a coffee shop), and have been blogging and working online since 2013. My background as a therapist, combined with having been a business owner in both the off and online spaces, has provided me with a unique skill set of excellent communication, intuition, organization, efficiency, and a commitment to integrity. “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” These are words I live by.


I am a single mom to an incredible 5-year-old daughter. I love everything about being a mother and my commitment to the success of my clients and my business is also a commitment to my child. As a mother and business owner I am so grateful for the ability to be by her side every step of the way. My journey as a parent has been the greatest honor and adventure in growth. I greatly value the privilege of modeling for my daughter how to be a woman of strenth, grace and integrity in all things.


I have been an athlete for over 30 years. I attended the Olympic Training Center in San Diego, California and competed at a national level in my college sport, crew. I have also been a bodybuilding and figure competitor, taking first place in my last competition in 2013. As a busy business owner and mother, I currently maintain my commitment to physical health by running with my 5-year-old training partner in a jogging stroller. We have recently run our first race together and placed first in my age group. 

The commitment to discipline that being an athlete has taught me has been invaluable in so many aspects of my life. This has absolutely served me In regards to the level of quality I pursue in my work. My background in fitness and as a personal trainer has also provided me with a love of coaching and encouraging others. I find it so inspiring to join with someone in the pursuit of their vision and dreams. It’s a great honor to be able to support and motivate someone in their success.

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I have worked with Laura for over a year and can’t say enough how much I appreciate and value her. She delivers the work she does for me with integrity, initiative, and a commitment to quality. I can rest easier with the confidence that Laura is taking care of the tasks she completes for me on a daily basis, and that they will be done efficiently, consistently, and with the same attention to detail that I would give.


~Carolann Seeley
Newcastle, California

Laura has been great to work with. She stays on the task at hand and makes sure things are completed in a timely and orderly fashion. Though we are not complete with my book, it is nice to have the confidence knowing it will come to a quality finish soon.


~Dean Lang